Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hot off the presses - the newest issue of PIN UP AMERICA MAGAZINE is now available! www.PinUpAmerica.com


Hot off the presses - the newest issue of PIN UP AMERICA MAGAZINE is now available! (#10 – July/August ’12)

Through our store: http://www.pinupamericashop.com/Pin-Up-America-Magazine-10-p/puam110.htm

Or through our website: http://pinupamerica.com

Shipping world-wide!

Includes 48 pages of full color beautiful photography and articles on:

-Cover & Centerfold: Miss Pin Up America 2012-Noelle Cherie (by Lisa Presnail/Little Pet Project)
-Page 3 Pinups w/ Ink: Bindi Baby (by Mannon Pictures)
-How To Be a “Patriotic” Pin Up: Melissa Laroue (by Judy Pop)
-The Pin Up America Show: Special Guests and Shows
-Burlesque Around the World: Canada’s Dinah Might (by Contessa)
-Diary of a Tattoo: Chicago’s Pony Lawson (by Dawn The Artist)
-Time Flies: Photo Tips from a Pro: Fireworks (by Bodacious Betty)
-Patriotic Pin-ups: International Contest (by Reddnessa)
-1st Annual American Pinup Burlesque Fest Recap (by Contessa & Bella Michele)
-Rockstars & Pin Ups
-All Dolled Up: Vintage Retro Hair (by Jay Burnett)
-Winners & Runners Up of the July/August ‘12 International Photo Contest
-Feature Artist: Tennessee’s Jason “Deadeye” McDonald
-Pin Up From Down Under: Miss Pinup Australia Grand Finals 2012 (by Miss Pixie)
-In the Spotlight: Chelsie Chase (by DC Larson)
-“Past” Events Photo Page
-“Future” Events Around the World
-The Retro Corner: Humorama (by Erica Hesse), Recipe and Slang Dictionary

(We want to meet you! email us a pic of you with a copy of Pin Up America Magazine, name and location! You may be published in our special "fan column"! magazine@pinupamerica.com)

Available in 6 SELECT major book store chains around the world such as Barnes & Noble, Books-a-million, Book World, Hastings, Walden Books, and Chapters/Indigo!

Available digitally through iPhone, iPad, and Android App Stores!

Advertising space is still available in the next issue:
Email info@pinupamerica.com for rates.

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